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Supervised Agricultural Experience
A supervised agricultural experience is a year-round program made up of projects and activities where agricultural skills and knowledge learned in the agricultural classroom is applied. These activities can fall under one of four groups: Entrepreneurship, Placement, Agriscience research and experimentation and Exploratory. 

Entrepreneurship - Students own and operate an agriculture-related business or enterprise.

  • Examples of current Waverly student's Entrepreneurship SAEs: raising meat animals, horses, small companion animals, gardening, antique farm equipment demonstrations and offering agricultural literacy programs to children and adults.
Placement - Students work in an agriculture related field in settings such as a farm or ranch, an agribusiness, a community facility or school laboratory.
  • Examples of current Waverly student's Placement SAEs: working for agribusinesses such as a greenhouse, area farmers, livestock nutrition company, landscaping, retail farm & home store; lifeguarding at an outdoor swimming facility, and Zoo Crew at Lincoln Children's Zoo.

Agriscience research & experimentation - Students plan and conduct agricultural experiments using the scientific process and discover new knowledge.

  • Examples of current Waverly student's Agriscience SAEs: public perception of GMOs & effect of chemical runoff on local water supplies.
Exploratory - Students explore a variety of agricultural careers through participation in field trips, job shadow experiences

  • Examples of current Waverly student's Exploratory SAEs: job shadowing a veterinarian, behind the scenes look at retail pet supply business, serving as manager for the school greenhouse.


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