Waverly FFA
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The Crews
Following school spirit and the Viking Crew, Waverly FFA has created small groups within the membership called "crews". Each crew is lead by a Chapter officer and a Junior officer. The crew is a method of communication, connectedness and competition within the chapter.

   Waverly FFA Viking Crews
 Jr. Officers
 Kaylee B.
   Makenzie B.
 Jackson R. 

 Claire R.    
 Warren Rolf
Audrey S.
Grace W.
 Members   Hunter G.
 Hailee G. 
 Tucker H.
 Jaxen J.
 Nathan K.
 Cole So.
 Whitney L.
 Haven P.      
 Alexis R.
 Jud T. 

 Jesse B.
 Caiden H.
 Conrad S.
 Kaleb S.
Lily B.
Jesse B.
Kolby E.
Carter L.
Lauren K.


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